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Great for diagnostics, pre-op, duplicates and visual marketing, our models are available in buff or pink stone.

Diagnostic Wax-Ups
Treated as blueprints of intraoral prosthetics, our wax-ups are individually designed to match each patient’s facial structure and characteristics. 
- YETI Beige for great visual contour
- VITA A2 Shade for more realistic appearance.

Preparation Guides
- Sil-Tech
- Clear thermoformed plastic
- Pre-op super-thin green thermoformed plastic

Providing optimum foundation for esthetics, function, bite registration and long life, our custom-crafted temporaries are available with or without wires.  They can be made using fiber or cast frame reinforcements.
- Shell
- Fit-to-margin
- Implant
- Essex retainers

Clear Temporary Stints
Stints from diagnostic wax-ups are made using a clear viscosity VPS matrix material.

Implant Surgical Stints
Crafted from the diagnostic wax-ups and shell temporaries we’ve made, our Stints for surgical implant are fast and affordable.

All restorations are made with extreme care using 10X power microscope to ensure a perfect fit.  Restorations are available in metal-free pressables in Ivoclar e.max or zirpress over-milled zirconium frame.  Layered incisal cutbacks and custom shades are also available.
- Inlays
- Onlays
- Veneers
- Crowns
- Bridges
- Implants

Mouth Guards
All mouth guards are monomer-free.
- Night Guards
- Sport Guards

Your patient’s comfort is our greatest concern
Optimum Smiles is dedicated to integrating seamlessly with your own outstanding service.  While each patient offers their own unique needs, there is some information and details common to the successful outcome of every case.
- Prescription slip, fully completed
- Full face and profile photos
- Quality full arch upper-lower pre-op models and/or impressions
- Facebow or bite registration
- Shade information

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